.Bodies By Ron

Voted "Mid-Michigan's Favorite Weight Loss Program" in a 2015 Poll conducted by WNEM!

BBR offers many class choices! Check out our schedule tab for schedule details!

Cardio Monday! A fun and energetic cardio workout incorporating simple dance moves, hand weights and fun music!

Beast Mode! An intense strength training that could include floor exercise and hand weights. 

Tone Up/Kickboxing! A combination of hand weights with intense kickboxing moves with a fun music environment.

BBR Express SLASH! A combination of intense stationary bike class incorporating floor abdominal and/ or hand weight toning exercises.

Takeova Step and Swag Out Step! A pure display of footwork on a step (set to music that makes you want to move) that is sure to challenge you physically.

Beast Mode Abs! An intense session of Abdominal Exercises!

Step&Glutes&Thighs! Basic step routine combined with lower body work, all set to fun and energetic music.  Hand weights are also incorporated.

Glutes and Thighs! Lower body work incorporating hand weights all set to energetic and fun music.

Cardio Dance/Abs Fun and energetic mix of awesome music, dance moves, and fitness!  You will not want to miss this energy!

Rock The Body Kickboxing! An energetic session of kickboxing including fun music and intense movement!

Ride and Glide BBR Express! Stationary bike class that is sure to challenge you with intense movement and fun music!

Footwork! A beginning step class to help prepare you for the more advanced step classes.